Red and green macaw

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About Us

Birds for film have dedicated staff training our own birds and animals for the film and tv industry. We are very fexible, and work on high profile productions such as Harry Potter and War Horse, also on still shoots and music videos. We are a family run comapany with many years unique experience in all fields of zoological, film and media, marine biological, and birds/animal training expertise. Based on knowledge gained from much practical application we now have a wide variety of successful shows, operating in Zoos and Wildlife Parks throughout the U.K.


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Flying parrot on set with Anthony Bloom
Vulture on location with Peter Bloom
Large group of mixed pigeons and doves
African Grey parrot
Parrot with a model on set
White doves on stage
Freindly Fires with a parrot newspaper cutting
David Attenborough with a raven BBC
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
White Stork